Governments always have
their own agenda

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We may look at Sweden as being a generous and 'open hearted' country,
after all they are always telling us how much they value humanitarian standards.
But all is not as it seems behind the PR facade

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It costs more in Sweden

As I have repeatedly reported, the 'asylum surge' of 2015, encouraged by the speeches of 2 Swedish Prime Ministers (Reinfeldt 2014 'Open Hearts', Lofven 2015 'no walls') had some financial benefits to Sweden. It allowed Foreign Aid destined to be spent abroad to be 'clawed back' and spent at home instead. It was especially helpful if the refugee was under 18 and unnacompanied !

This may help people understand my argument that it directly benefited Sweden and was not quite as naive as at first seems. 

Housing and basic food, for asylum seekers, for example, whether with private companies or Kommunes was paid for at an amazing rate of SeK 1900-00 (€170+) per day per person..and this does not take into account the extra jobs that were created, the extra taxes that were paid, the extra business created for supply organisations.etc.etc.
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to give you an idea of how profitable this was, compare Germany who in 2015 took in 900,000 asylum seekers...and Sweden who took in 163,000


The higher the costs

the more that could be justified in the Foreign Aid clawback !

but wait a minute

Sweden has always kept it's promise to deliver not less than 0.7% of GDP in 'Foreign Aid' (and still does)
there has existed within the definitions of 'Foreign Aid'
the ability to 'claw back money'  to fund 'in-donor country'
asylum costs...and Sweden has always made good use of this facility
(look below at the figures for 2013) to get back some of the 'promised foreign aid' and spend it at home
taking in much needed refugees to support the falling birth rates of the Swedish society and do the less skilled jobs Swedes did not want to do

....and Sweden has a reputation for 'CLAWING BACK' at a
far higher rate than other countries
who don't practice 'the Refugee Business'


A very interesting thing occurred in Autumn 2015

well 3 things actually

1. In September 2015 the then Prime Minister made a speech about 'no walls'

2. By his own admission (at a White House Press Conference) 114,000 of the 163,000 that came to Sweden in 2015...came between September and December..after his speech.

3. Already in the autumn of 2015 the Government planned to 'clawback' from the SIDA Foreign Aid budget an amount of...13 billion you can see from the SIDAS Aid Statement below (was this plan enacted prior to the September 'no walls speech that invited so many to come?)


so far it's all economic sense - what is generally known as 'creative accounting'

Then why has it been necessary for Sweden to break laws (even it's own laws), disown it's promises and invitations, resort to forced deportation terror tactics following corrupt court decisions, create 1,000's of homeless refugees, even emotionally and psychologically torture to the extent that some have committed suicide on Swedish soil?