It is not a question of who they are...

it is a question of who we are

All our noble words, high ideals, legal principles

shall not be sacrificed in the face of  a challenge 

We are more than this 

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 there is all that extremist talk from a very small group in Sweden
that tries to convince everyone that Swedes are anti-immigrant

whereas an EU face to face interview poll in April 2018 tells a rather different story...the true story from most Swedes (not simply the racist right wingers).

It's pretty simple really

Sweden invited them here and did not withdraw
that invitation until November 2015

"But we taxpayers have paid them a lot of money"

I don't see any of them driving around in Porsches
or Lamborghinis you?

Actually, you paid virtually all the money to yourselves - well, to other Swedes, like Migration Agency employees, court staff, 'care home' staff, kommunes, apartment rental businesses...............

You simply recycled money (a lot of which you were already giving away in Foreign Aid)...within the domestic economy.....with very positive results (according to the OECD,IMF,Bloombergs).

Then, having realised (finally) that maybe it was a mistake to talk about 'open hearts' (2014) and Refugees welcome (2015), you thought you better find a way out of this ! After all, 28,039 people in Sweden didn't like this (that's the membership of the 'racist' Sweden Democrats)

Now, I am an Englishman who has been in love with Sweden for 30 years (and live here in Sweden). I have no nationalistic flag to wave, simply my observations about the problem Sweden created for not being true to itself.

So, you created what seems clearly to be a lottery, or quota system

where Migrationsverket (Migration Agency) overlooked, ignored or deliberately changed FACTS to suit the system - thus destroying decades of goodwill and respect Sweden had throughout the world as being a fair and just society.

BUT, you didn't stop took taxpayers money and created, under the veneer of a supposed legal process, a scenario where people were paid to simply accept whatever Migrationsverket wanted to say---with or without facts !
So disgusting is this system that you are even afraid to keep a proper verbatim court record, in case the world finds out what you are actually doing and compares it with the Taliban or even Nazi Germany. The absence of a proper verbatim court record is a denial of justice - since no meaningful appeal  can be made with facts and evidence to challenge accusations  some bureaucrat with a personal and/or government  agenda has made in the 'court'.

With this device you told the Swedish people that cases were individual and could even be settled in a court.

And the trusting Swedish people....believed this !.

The taxpayer has even been paying to be repeatedly told that there is no war in Afghanistan. It is safe!

How is it possible that any bureaucracy can think people are so apathetic, so stupid, so lost in their own little worlds........that they  see daily reports of bombings and attrocities and think 'Hey, that looks like a good place for a holiday'

This is arrogance and disdain for the voter/taxpayer on an  absurd scale. No wonder Sweden has a new name...."Absurdistan"

why did you invite them here in the first place?

was it a mistake?

a miscalculation?

a well intentioned but badly executed political theory?

and why do you emotionally and psychologically torture them for 2 years and more.......

as a punishment for believing what you said ?

only then to break your Non-refoulement promises (since 1951) and deport them back to hell!
Why do you blame the under 18 asylum seekers for Sweden's mistake?

This website is dedicated to all those desperate young asylum seekers
who believed what Sweden said...
accepted the invitation of 2 Prime Ministers...
and  surrended the desire to live..
by taking suicide on Swedish soil...