Was it such a surprise

(website updated as at 30 July 2019)

Two Swedish Prime Ministers made speeches in 2014 and 2015
welcoming immigrants to Sweden. Subsequently, the Swedish government has expressed surprise by the flood of refugees from Afghanistan. Here is the latest example from 14 August 2018 (published in Dagens Industri)

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this is very strange,
considering that the Migration Agency has claimed to have 
expert information as to the state of things in Afghanistan - which they claim has 'safe areas'

One could reasonably expect that with all the information available since 2011 - which indicated the withdrawal of mass USA forces by the end of 2014 - and the data concerning the resurgence of the Taliban it wouldn't have taken much effort to discover that the Taliban would grow in force.....and that Afghan families (especially Hazara who had helped in the fight against Al Qaeda after 9/11).....would seek safe refuge in another land.

This is what UNAMA was saying in 2013

The HIGHEST civilian casualty figures since records began in 2009..
and that is before the full USA troop withdrawal
 it is not unreasonable to assume that the locals
knew what was coming
So why didn't NATO forces?
Why didn't the Swedish Government?


so, mathematics is not a strong point ?

then here is a visual representation of the trend....
and you don't have to be a genius to see what the Hazara (especially)
understood would be happening after the massive USA troop withdrawal


Here you can find the PUBLIC
information - and we can assume that governments
knew a lot more than this

Troop withdrawals in Afghanistan

World Bank 2013 report

So, why is it now claimed
that such a surge was not
expected ?

are we to assume that 2 - TWO - Swedish Prime
Ministers were so badly informed?

"Open Heart" Sweden (aug 2014) Prime Minister Reinfeldt
"Never again walls"  Prime Minister Lofven (Refugess Welcome Rally Sept 2015)

These statements were made presumably with more
"inside information" than was available to
the general public.


Were these invites

made in good faith ? If so, why are there currently 9000 homeless, penniless, living in fear of forced deportation (Refoulement is against EU Law) mostly young (under 18 when they came to Sweden)...trying to survive on the streets of this wealthy nation ?

why does Sweden
punish those who answered this invitation
and not accept responsibility
for it's own mistakes ?

There are only TWO choices here:
either gross incompetence by 2 Swedish Governments
cynicism on a deplorable scale.

Either way it is an affront to the decent majority of Swedes.

Cynicism ?

Was it an economic plan to boost poorer rural areas of Sweden by paying out
money clawed back from Foreign Aid commitments to spend at home (Kommunes,businesses,lowering Swedish unemployment) ?
After all, an election was coming, wasn't it?

(note: this Sida announcement was made in Autumn 2015...was that before or after Mr. Lofven's speech in September 2015 ? )


In Fact

many businesses and kommunes made a lot of money from that 'asylum surge' and Foreign Aid being pulled back to be spent AT HOME

and if you think CYNICISM
is too strong a word

then how cynical and manipulative do you have to be
to try and convince the WORLD that Afghanistan is 'SAFE'

Now that takes a real cynical level of contempt for the rest of the world
and for Swedish voters, huh?

add insult to injury ?

Sweden even thinks the rest of the world so stupid, it tries to maintain Afghanistan is safe!
Hey, in the age of the internet, ignorance is a choice !



today (30 July 2019) comes the news from the United Nations
that more civilians are dying at the hands of NATO and security forces..than at the hands of the Taliban. But, Sweden says Afghanistan is safe !



Sweden has very different definitions of things that are politically influenced



If you want to challenge my factual sources for the statements made here, feel free to contact me
I am open to a mature factual debate
if it helps people understand
what is actually happening to the
Sweden I have loved for 30+ years... I am willing to post respectful responses, with your consent..if you can prove, with evidence, any factual innacuracies on this website