Thank goodness Swedish slavery was banned in 1848...where slavery was the practice of exploiting and controlling others for financial gain

so much more civilised today, Swedes don't go and raid lands to get hostages...they invite them to Sweden...

..and then claw back money from foreign aid budgets to spend at home....boosting Sweden's economy, whilst appearing to be a generous foreign aid donor


if you think this is an unfair view

then why did you invite them to come

and then treat them so badly with corrupt politicised courts...and money making detention centres (that cost SeK 3.200:- per day per refugee)


.. creating 'pseudo laws' in politicised courts to get rid of them

especially unaccompanied under 18's from Afghanistan - a place universally accepted by the rest of the world as a war zone....but regarded as 'safe' by Sweden


Swedish Courts-unlawful rulings

In March 2017 the higher Migration court (Kamarratten) made a ruling...which effectively becomes law...that the lower Migration courts (Forvaltningsratten) subsequently ignored in many, many,many cases.
Sweden does not even follow it's own laws !
(Mal nr. UM 9110-16)
Although SWEDISH law says you are entitled to a transcript of your case, try and get one...a verbatim transcript !


Unlawful by EU rulings

Time and time again the European Courts of Justice and European Court of Human Rights have found Sweden to be in breach of the law.


Terror tactics

Random arrests, on streets, in public places, in schools, in accommodations, is a distinct terror tactic designed to frighten others into leaving. Where do they go? They go to other European countries that follow the laws - many being accepted within just a few months...countries that will not send asylum seekers from war zones back to Sweden because Sweden practices illegal Refoulement.


in 2013

Sweden 'clawed back' 18% of foreign aid (SIDA) to spend at home on refugees.


in 2016

Sweden set a budget in 2015 to claw back 30% of foreign aid in 2016....that budget was set in August 2015...prior to the Prime Ministers September public invitation for refugees to come (no walls). Between September and December 2015, following that invitation, 104,000 came (source: Stefan Lovfen).


Spending at home

Not such a bad policy, but then why does it cost TWICE as much per refugee in Sweden than it does in Germany? and maybe the policy backfired through lack of expert information....maybe too many


But then, Sweden has a reputation
for two-faced economic games

according to a financial expert
at New York Times (Paul Krugman,March 2011)

and further research shows that the asylum seeker surge,
as a result of the invitations
given by TWO Swedish Prime Ministers,
was very beneficial to the Swedish economy
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